• Can I view Clefit files on other devices?

Currently Clefit files can only be viewed on iPads with the app installed on them to provide its unique interactive experience. If you need to share a project to other devices, Clefit does support exporting projects as PDF files for viewing. Please keep in mind that you will lose interactivity with a PDF.
  • How do I add and format text?

You can add text by accessing the “Media Menu”(the second button in the set of buttons on the top right of the menu bar in the editor). Tap that button, then select the “Widget” tab and select the textbox icon to drop a textbox on the page. You can then double-tap on it to type. Use the “Inspector Menu”(the button to the left of the Media Menu button) to apply text formatting. Please click here to view a video tutorial.
  • How do I access my iPad photo album on my device? It says “Location services required”, does that mean Clefit gathers GPS information?

To access your iPadʼs photo album, you will need to grant Clefit access to location services in the device settings application of your iPad. Clefit itself does not gather any location data or access your GPS device at any time. It is a requirement from Apple that users grant access to location services to protect their privacy since photos can contain location information.
  • How do I add interactions like the sample projects provided?

You can add interactions using the “Action Menu”(the third button in the set of buttons on the top right of the menu bar in the editor). Each object has default interactions reserved for use that are automatically available in reader mode. For example, image and video objects reserve the pinch gesture to allow pinch to zoom for full screen. Video and audio objects play/pause using the double-tap gesture. Textboxes reserve the swipe gesture to allow scrolling if the text is too long to fit the box bounds. The “Action Menu” allows you to add extra interactions and animations. Please click here to view a video tutorial.
  • What is the difference between the “Clefit” file format and “Clefit Readonly” file format in the project share menu?

Clefit read-only files cannot be edited and are stored in your Clefit Library for viewing when imported to the application. You can access your Clefit Library using the first button on the left of the main menu bar(grid style icon). Clefit files are fully editable and are accessible from the main menu when imported. Please click here to view a video tutorial on sharing.
  • What are the masking buttons in the format menu of the image and video objects?

The masking function allows you crop out unwanted portions of an image/video without editing the image/video itself. You can think of it as a cropping + zoom-in function that keeps the original image/video intact. Clefit does not distort the original image so that you can edit/reset the mask in the future.
  • Nothing happens when I use the “scale to fill” and “scale to fit” features for page backgrounds, whatʼs wrong?

Please check the size of your image. If your image is 1024x768 (landscape mode) or 768x1024 (portrait mode), then these options will not modify the background if your page is in that orientation. Try using an image with a smaller dimension or assign a portrait image to a landscape page to verify you have an image that can be changed using those options.
  • I changed the tutorial project and want to get back the original. How do I reload it?

If you want to reload the tutorial project you will need to open any Clefit project to go into the editor. Then click on the “Tools” menu (the fourth button that looks like a set of gears in the set of buttons located in the top right of the editor menu bar), then select the “Settings” row. In the “Settings” menu, there is a switch that says “Restore” for the tutorial, set that to the on position and exit back to the main menu. You will need to delete the old tutorial if it still exists in the main menu, then do a full close on the app by pressing the home button on your iPad to close Clefit. You then double-tap the home button again to bring up the fast app switching bar at the bottom of the screen, and press and hold down on the Clefit icon to bring up the (-) close icon and press it. You can then launch Clefit again and the tutorial will be loaded.
  • I can't move any objects on screen, what is wrong?

Please check what editing mode you are in, if you are in action mode objects are blocked from their layout properties being adjusted. The background of the editor will be a dark gray color to indicate this mode. To edit layout properties again you must exit action mode by pressing the “Done” button in the top menu bar. For more information please click here for the layout tutorial.
  • When you share on Facebook or Twitter, what is able to be viewed?

When you share a post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, Clefit takes a snapshot of the current page or your selection if you chose “share selection” and uploads that photo to your social network for viewing. Clefit does try to upload the largest image size that each social network accepts, but each service may resize the image.
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