Getting started

Start learning the basic functions to help you get started creating interactive projects on your own. This tutorial covers many of the basic functions that Clefit provides for editing pages, reading features, and how to share your new project with others.

Text, text everywhere!

Clefit provides full text editing and formatting with some extra features to help make adding text to your projects easy. This tutorial covers options for adding text, all the gestures you will need to know to begin editing and formatting text, and also special layout features that the editor provides.

Animations & Interactions

Learn how easy it is to customize your projects with animations and custom interactions. This tutorial covers how to use the "Action Menu" mode to add events and gestures to perform animations and custom behaviors to bring your projects to life.


Laying out pages in Clefit is quick and easy. This tutorial covers all the layout functions that the editor provides for resizing, rotating, changing z-order level, and updating objects with new assets so that you can give each page in your project that unique look and feel.


Clefit provides several options to share your work with others. This tutorial covers how to share your projects in different file formats using Email, Dropbox, and iTunes sharing. It also covers special features that allow you to capture specific content to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Email while you are in reader mode.

All about pages

This tutorial covers how to set a video as a page background, link an object to jump to a another page, and embed a file such as a PDF and link it so that you can preview it in reader mode.